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    • Effective July 1st, 2020, any registered Virginia voter can request an absentee mail-in ballot. No reason is required!

    • Now is the best time to apply for your absentee mail-in ballot, in order to avoid the rush. Ballots for the November 3rd Election will be mailed out to voters beginning September 18th.

    • The mail-in ballot application deadline is 5pm Friday, October 23rd. With unprecedented demand, apply now to reduce any possible delays.

    • Return your completed mail-in ballot to the registrar as soon as possible. The last day to send it in is November 3rd and it must be receieved by November 6th.

    • Does your voter record need to be updated for a change in your name or address? You can do so at the end of this absentee mail-in ballot application.

    • If you are not registered to vote, register to vote here first, then return to eAbsentee to complete your application.

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